Wellness Screenings

Date:Jan 03, 2012

A popular service provided by the Doctors for Health and Wellness members includes professional health screenings.  These range from vision screenings, hearing tests, postural assessments to body composition testing.  Often employed in conjunction with a health fair or wellness event, our members provide your employees or group members with data they can use to improve their health and/or assess their risk factors for disease or illness.

Providing a venue for your health screening can be as easy as reserving a vacant conference room in your facility or setting aside a couple tables in your cafeteria or breakroom.  Most tests (aside from any blood testing) can be done in an open space as long as it is not a hindrance to work-flow traffic nor distracting to the provider and employees.

All of our providers have an array of complimentary tests that are quite popular.  Through our foundation we have a strict no-cost policy to the companies and organizations we serve.  With that said, some DHW members may have additional paid tests or screenings in addition to those that they offer complimentary, that they may be able to provide to your organization at the doctors wholesale cost, such as cholesterol tests, controlled substance testing, blood-sugar tests or allergy testing.  Should you choose a specialty test, you will arrange the wholesale cost of that type of test in advance with the provider.

To schedule a screening or testing for your company or group, simply enter in the providers ID number into the member search box and use the contact box provided there.  A local DHW representative will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have, or to help schedule your screening.