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Dr. Donnel Steuerwald

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About Dr. Donnel Steuerwald:

Extensive Training:

Dr. Steuerwald received over 5000 hours of classroom and clinical training while attending Texas Chiropractic College. This prestigious school offers the most extensive training of any chiropractic college in the country. In 1995, he was named an attending physician’s assistant based on his knowledge and clinical excellence. In 1996, he graduated at the top of his class. 1990 through 1998, he trained and practiced with Dr. James Wetz, the top chiropractor in Humble, TX. In 1998, he opened Cedar Park Tech Chiropractic in order to serve the people of Cedar Park, Leander, Lago Vista, Round Rock, and N.W. Austin. In 1999, under the Dr. Don Harison’s tutelage, he began a two-year training program towards certification in Chiropractic Biophysics, the most extensively researched scientific technique taught. Today he continues to upgrade his skills by attending seminars that teach the art and science of chiropractic.

Experience and Skill:

Dr. Steuerwald is not only a veteran chiropractor; he is also a veteran chiropractic patient. As a doctor he has performed countless of chiropractic adjustments over the past seventeen years, and as a patient he has personally received thousands of adjustments. He knows what works. “If it doesn’t relieve pain, improve function, and restore health, then I won’t use it…and if it doesn’t work on me, I won’t use it on you.”

Proven Results:

Dr Steuerwald has successfully treated thousands of patients of all ages, from 9 hours old to over 90 years old … and with all types of health problems. From asthma and allergies (his own problem when he first saw the chiropractor at age 18) to severe arthritis and traumatic disc injuries. If you have a chiropractic problem, you can rest assured that Dr. Steuerwald has the background to help you just like he has helped the others before you.
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