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About Dr. Kenneth Haywood:

Dr. Kenneth Haywood D.C., the lead Chiropractor here in Friendswood, TX, grew up as a multi-sport athlete in Bandera, Texas, just outside San Antonio. He then followed his passion for athleticism to San Marcos, Texas to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Texas State University. While getting his degree, Dr. Haywood D.C. continued his football career and in an unfortunate turn of events, suffered multiple injuries that turned out to require several surgeries.

These life events thrust him into the patient experience of healthcare for countless, grueling months. From his encounters with a myriad of doctors throughout his healing journey, grew a new passion - one that drove him to pursue a career path in Chiropractic medicine. He wanted to gain the skills to help others improve their quality of life, knowing first hand what it is like to lose the ability to do the things that provide just that.

With his sights set on Physical Therapy, Dr. Haywood began working for a Chiropractic office while finishing his Bachelor's. There he was first exposed to the world of chiropractic care and realized just how much more he could do for his patients with this type of medical care. Recognizing the need for not only strengthening, but creating structural changes in order to help a person heal is how he first knew he'd become a Chiropractor.

While in a state of continuous recovery, Dr. Haywood D.C. completed his Bachelor’s degree and began the next step in his education, enrolling at Texas Chiropractic College to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. During D.C. school he become certified in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM).

With his background in Exercise and Sports Science, his desire to help others avoid the experience he had been through and the unwavering drive to help those in his community, Dr. Haywood D.C. is an out of the box thinker. Providing top of the line chiropractic care, he tells his patients in Friendswood, TX like it is. Furthermore, Dr. Haywood is not afraid to utilize the skills and knowledge of practitioners in other professions, and is a firm believer in teaching the patient ways that they can help themselves while outside of the office.

In constant pursuit of bettering his skills as a doctor and his depth of knowledge to help more patients achieve better results, alongside chiropractic care in Friendswood, TX, Dr. Haywood now utilizes his certification in Dynamic Taping and is beginning the process of becoming a Quantum Neurology practitioner.

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