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Dr. Lucy Gomez


Kennesaw, GA

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About Dr. Lucy Gomez:

Dr. Lucy Gomez has been a licensed Chiropractor since 2004. Dr. Gomez has been helping people with pain relief since 2006 in her clinic in Kennesaw, GA. As a family Chiropractor that specializes in Atlas Orthogonal adjusting, Dr. Gomez and her team are committed to educating and promoting health to all her patients and the neighborhood they serve.

Dr. Gomez is the owner of Big Idea Chiropractic and is a board-certified Atlas Orthogonalist. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic is a very gentle and specific technique with its focus on the Cervical Spine. Dr. Gomez does use other adjusting techniques that work to give her patients the optimum care for their individual needs. Her office offers Chiropractic and Massage services and provide specific spinal stretches and exercises to teach patients how to cope with their daily activities and maintain the alignment in their spines.

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