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Dr. Rodney Ruge

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About Dr. Rodney Ruge :

Dr. Rodney Ruge is Executive Director at Back in Action Bodyworks in Torrance, California… a thriving health and wellness clinic in the Los Angeles South Bay.

He began his career in 1998, in a pain-relief clinic, but quickly found most patients seeking alternatives to drugs and surgery.

After starting his own clinic in 2000, the mission of creating a pathway out of the “sickness-care” paradigm, and into Wellness-Based Health-Care began. “Through a focus on function, my goal is to move patients out of disease and dysfunction, and keep them moving well beyond average or ‘normal’… we show them how they can take charge… and super-charge their health to an optimal level.” Today, he is helping his patients achieve a Pro-Active, Healthy Life-Style…

“…people want to have a greater say and a greater role in their own health-care choices, and for their families. We not only get people out of pain, we get them back to living full, active lives again. We achieve this by combining world-class patient education and training with custom-tailored programs of care that are unique to the needs and goals of each individual. At Back in Action, everything we do is centered on supporting and strengthening the body and its natural, self-healing abilities. We provide our patients with the tools they need to take a more active role in their own healing process… and working together we can achieve phenomenal results!”

As a public speaker and educator with experience, Dr. Ruge also provides companies with healthy lifestyle “make-overs”. These customized programs inspire greater company morale, increased productivity and reduced work-place injuries, time off and disability.

Limited opportunities are available for speaking engagements and Health Talks on "Stress Reduction Strategies", "Ergonomics and Avoiding Workplace Injuries", "The 100 year Lifestyle"… and more! Contact his office today for a complete list of topics and availability dates!

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