Company-wide Wellness Starts at the TOP

As with any group or organization, the direction of advance is set from the top.  This applies to achieving the overall objectives or goals of that group, as well as the culture created within the group itself.  In an age when most of us spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our family or other friends, the group we work with and the culture we experience at work becomes a large part of our lives.  There are few things that can be as discouraging as the low morale caused by ill health—especially when those who are sick attribute their illness to conditions or stress at work.

On the other hand, there is nothing quite like working for an organization, or a boss, who you see as caring about you as an individual.  The morale boost employees get simply from the idea that the people at the top care about those that work for them can create an irresistible work environment.  This results in all the things management would want to see such as high production, effective problem solving, quality work ethic and quite frankly, an overall culture of support (and if/when necessary defense) of the company and its executives. When it is known that management and ownership have a personal interest in the well-being and success of the rest of the employees, the foundation is created for the development of a true group—one that has the best chance to survive and thrive in the future.

One way for management to create a culture like this is to ensure working conditions are safe and reasonably comfortable.  Additionally, support for healthy choices can be offered to organization employees through things such as ensuring healthy food is available (vending machines, company lunches, company café, etc.), or inviting professionals into the company to share life improvement strategies.  Professionals that are often appreciated by company employees can be doctors, exercise specialists (trainers), weight loss specialists, or even personal finance professionals.

Any and all of these types of activities demonstrate a level of commitment to the individuals who make the company run.  When company employees know they are cared for, they will go above and beyond for management and ownership. 

This is a winning formula for everyone involved!