Employee/Member Appreciation Days

The most anticipated free service our Doctors for Health and Wellness members provide is our Employee Appreciation Days.  These events are usually stationary chair massage stations set up in your company lobby, break room, conference room or any vacant area.  Although these events can range from 2-4 hours, the employees are, on the average, only away from their desks for less than 18 minutes.

The requirements for the space to host this event are actually small, with the typical lobby or meeting room being quite sufficient.  Because of the effeciency of the massage chairs, the professional massage therapist can easily move around the seated employee and focus their theraputic kneading to any area the employee would like de-stressed.  Most DHW members also provide a music box that plays relaxing music while the employees are pampered.

Although our members offer these events year-round, some companies utilize DHW member servicse for their Employee Appreciation Day during their annual company picnics, during teacher in-services/meetings/trainings, as well as during company holiday parties (note: these holiday events can be limited due to the density of holiday parties occuring at the same time).

The massage station operates with our no-charge and no-tipping policy.  Unless you are hosting a charity drive, we encourage the employees to only ‘tip’ us by simply thanking HR or the company organizer.  Our members especially like providing this event as it helps member accure their required donation hours at a faster rate.

To schedule an Employee Appreciation Day for your company or group, simply enter in the providers ID number into the member search box and use the contact box provided there.  A local DHW representative will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have, or to help schedule your apprecation day.