Lunch-and-Learn Presentations

Date:Jan 04, 2012

One of the most common services our Doctor for Health and Wellness members provide is our complimentary Lunch-and-Learn lectures.  These 35-40 minute presentations are designed to provide an mini-but-impactful lecture or workshop, and can be catered to your individual wellness topic requests.  As the name eludes to, lunch IS provided by the DHW organization, and is often co-sponsored by a local restaurant or local eatery.

Some of the more popular topics are centered around workstation wellness and repetitive stress prevention, nutrition, fitness for the busy employee/team member, staying energized all day long, how to naturally boost the immune system, proper ergonomics, posture exercises to unbend the bent employee, and many more.

As all services provided by DHW are strictly at no-cost to the company or employee.  The sponsoring provider many provide additional resources for participating employees/members and/or a significant discount on any services the employee may be further interested in.  Some topics can be put into a series of lectures or quarterly presentations to further the employees’ understanding of modern health principles and practices.

To schedule a Lunch-and-Learn presentation for your company or group, simply enter in the providers ID number into the member search box and use the contact box provided there.  A local DHW representative will be happy to assist in answering any questions you may have, or to help schedule your lunchtime presentation.